Repair Options for Garage doors

Garage door damage repair is often the only solution you need when you have a problem that’s affecting its function. Just because you have some springs broken doesn’t mean you need to replace the entire garage door — you just need to replace the springs. This is true of other components as well such as the sensors, tracks, hinges, rollers and opener.

The only time you might need a total replacement is when you have massive functional or cosmetic damage. For instance, if you forgot to open the door and backed your car into it. But, garage door experts can repair slight cosmetic damage to your door, like dents, dings and scratches.

You can even, in many cases, replace an individual panel or two instead of replacing the whole door. Again, don’t attempt to make any repairs yourself, even if you believe you know how to fix damaged garage doors. Always call in a professional.

Some common repair options include:

Getting Your Garage Door Inspected

Identifying and addressing wear early is an integral part of the overall care for your door. Besides keeping your garage door clean and lubricating it regularly, adhering to a residential preventative maintenance program can help you keep your garage door running efficiently. You should have a garage door expert inspect your garage door at least bi-annually.During the inspection, the specialist may find minor damage or wear such as:

  • Slight surface damage
  • Minor Damage and discoloration
  • The need to touch up the paint
  • The need to repaint the entire door
  • The need to replace a window
  • The need to restain the door

Address these issues early can help preserve the aesthetics of your garage door. Your garage door can enhance curb appeal, complement the rest of the architecture of your home and completely transform your home’s exterior. When wear and tear begin showing up on your door, it can take away from your home’s beauty.

Warping and cracking are sure signs you may wish to replace the door. The age of the door should be part of your overall decision whether to repair or replace it. If your door is over 15 years old, it’s probably a good idea to replace it.

Having the Garage Door Placed Back on Its Tracks

Hitting the door with a particular force or at a specific angle can cause the door to come off its tracks. When this happens, you’ll no longer be able to open and close the door, and you definitely shouldn’t repair it yourself. It’s best to stay away from it entirely and call a garage door professional to come and place it properly on its tracks.

Fixing a Stuck Garage Door

  • Sensor obstruction: Make sure there’s nothing in the sensor’s path.
  • Wheel track obstruction: Try to close the door manually to check for obstructions on the tracks. If that’s not the issue, inspect the tracks for possible damage like bends or dents. Check to see if the door is hanging unevenly. If you notice damage or the door is hanging unevenly, call a professional.
  • Garage door opener: If you don’t see anything obstructing the sensors, the problem could be with the garage opener. Press the button on your opener to see if a light comes on. If it doesn’t, and it’s supposed to illuminate, you may just need to replace the battery.

Repairing a Damaged Garage Door Section

Whether the bottom or middle section of the door is damaged, a professional can replace it promptly. No matter what the cause is, typically you will only need to replace the damaged section and not the entire door. Keep in mind though, if you need to replace the two or more damaged sections, the cost can almost be the same as having to replace an entire door.

Also, depending on how old your door is, it’s possible that replacing only or or two damaged sections with the door’s original color, you could end up with a color difference, particularly n the door sheen. You can wax the undamaged sections using car wax to lessen this effect, giving each part of your door equal shine.

Tending to a Garage Door That Makes a Loud Sound

If your door makes screeching, squealing or grinding noises when opening or closing it, it could indicate an accumulation of debris or dirt in the tracks or lack of lubricant. Don’t use harsh chemicals when removing dirt to clean the trans. Once you clean the track, coat it with lubricant made particularly for garage doors. You can use WD-40 on the hardware and tracks if you don’t have access to garage door lubricant.

If you’ve tried these steps and you continue hearing the loud noise when using your garage door, it’s time to call in a profession to see if your tracks need repair.

Addressing a Quickly Falling Garage Door

If your door is falling more quickly than it used to, or if it bounces when around when using it, it could be due to broken cables or chains. This is a relatively inexpensive repair that should be done by a professional. However, the installation could take some time.

So, when should you repair your garage door or replace it? There are specific considerations to make this decision such as:

  • The cost to repair the door compared to replacing it
  • Whether an expert can fix the problem
  • How long it will take you to repair your door

Remember, if you belong to a homeowner’s association (HOA), they might require you to gain approval from the organization if you want to replace your door because it may affect your home’s aesthetic greatly. HOAs often have strict rules regarding large cosmetic changes since they could affect the property value.

Source: https://marvinsgaragedoors.com/2018/12/21/damaged-garage-doors/

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    • Material prices would vary on the paint. Labor prices should stay the same, no matter the type of paint. When looking at your quote, you should verify they are not uncharging on your labor costs, just on the value of paint. Pearl paint isn’t typical for a home so it would be on the more expensive side.

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