Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

by Tim Laytonin Fixer-Upper 404s

spring home maintenance checklist

As winter comes to a close and the snow on the ground begins to melt for the last time, a sense of excitement always builds. The change in weather will bring with it a change in lifestyle as our weekends move outdoors and we remember words like “cookout” and “swimming.”

Spring is a great time for parties, vacations and festivals. It’s also a great time to get out there and fix up that house a little bit! No more excuses! Get off the couch and dig out that toolbelt. Let’s do this! Let’s get prepared for the season!

Spruce Up Outdoor Spaces

Let’s be realistic. Is it really spring without flowers? I think not. Preparing your home for that splash of spring color is fun! Here are a few projects you might want to think about:

Install Window Boxes

I’ve always thought this would be a great project and I still have not done it! Adding some beautiful wooden or composite planter boxes beneath the windows provides a place for a few potted flowers that look great from inside and out! It’s an easy DIY project for any skill level.

Consider These Front Door Color Ideas

No single element of your home can add a fresh splash of color as effectively as the front door! Go with a bright color like red, which is world renowned as a color of welcome and respite. Some believe a red door draws chi energy into the home for the benefit of all who dwell within. But hey, if you’re good on your chi, I think a nice pale blue looks good too. The point is a colorful door is a good move. You’ll be happy!

Add Style With a Splash of Spring Fabric

Not all home improvement projects require a saw. Sometimes scissors are more in order. Spring is a great time to brighten up your window treatments, cushion covers and accents. It’s an easy way to make a big difference without spending a bunch of time or money.

Prepare for Spring Rain

April flowers bring May showers … wait … maybe I should have put the rain first. In any case, spring and summer will invariably bring a bit of precipitation and the house needs to be ready.

Fix a Leaking Roof

If you’ve got a few spots on the ceilings, spring is a great time to get up there and find out why! A roof leaksometimes is as simple as an errant nailhead popped up through the shingles and an easy fix. A hammer and a bit of roofing cement (the black tar stuff) is all you need for a small patch. If your task isn’t quite so simple, it’s still the time to do it before that rain really starts falling.

Clean and Align Gutters

If you forgot to clean the fall leaves out of your rain gutters before winter, chances are they are still up there! Gutters also take a beating during the winter from snow and ice. Spring is a great time to make sure the gutters are clean, firmly attached to the house and flowing in the right direction!

Get Your Backyard Kid-Ready

Spring soon gives way to summer, and that means no school! A little bit of thought in advance can make those dog days of summer far more enjoyable for the kids and the parents.

Check the Safety of Play Areas and Swing Sets

Those outdoor play areas should be given a once-over if they’ve been sitting in the weather unused for a few months. Check for damaged wood, new rust on bolts and chains and other potential safety hazards. Usually these are easy fixes that can prevent a really bad day! I still have flashbacks of childhood pain inflicted by a rusty swingset!

Make Fence Repair a Priority

Ok, I might be thinking more about the dog here than the kids. But, as they say, “Kids love dogs” and they both love to stay outside when the weather gets nice. The longer they’re out there, the more they’ll be poking around, looking for a weakness in the perimeter! If you’re the lucky owner of a fenced yard, now is the time to do those repairs!

Prepare for Summer Heat

Get Your Air Conditioner or HVAC Serviced

I live in Florida, so I use my A/C pretty much all the time, even in “colder” months. Most of the world, however, leaves the air conditioning off for a few months during the winter. If that’s you, don’t get caught red-faced when the first heat wave rolls through. Be the smart homeowner on the block who planned ahead and had that A/C serviced in a preemptive strike against summer heat!

Open Your Swimming Pool for the Season

Nothing beats the heat better than a dip in the pool. If you live in a place with cold winters you probably winterized your pool, so now is the time to prepare it for use. All pool owners can benefit from an annual service of the pump and filter this time of year. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool in the backyard, Spring is the time to make it ready for that first big splash!

Spring is Beautiful – Savor It!

No matter where you live, the change of season is usually met with a warm welcome and happy faces. It’s a time to enjoy your home and get outdoors. Hopefully these ideas have sparked some thoughts for your house that will help you enjoy your spring!

Source: https://www.realestate.com/articles/diy/spring-home-maintenance-checklist

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